Paul Fouche

Paul Fouche


Prof. Paul Fouche is an aquatic biologist with an interest in the morphological adaptation, habitat preferences and reproductive strategy of freshwater fish. He has been involved in the limnological studies of lentic water bodies, fishway research and establishing the ecological status of the intermittent rivers in the Limpopo province. He did his PhD on the ecology and biology of the Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish (Labeobarbus marequensis) in the Luvuvhu River. As part of the national River Health Programme he was involved in the assessment of fish and riparian vegetation in rivers in Limpopo Province and Kruger National Park. He teaches Limnology at post graduate level and as an outflow of the FETWATER programme he was involved in the development of the University of Venda Diploma in Freshwater Technology.


  1. Rivers and wetlands

    Chair members, Professors Paul Fouche, Irene Barnhoorn and Stefan Foord from the Zoology Department, Dr Jabulani Gumbo from the Hydrology Department in the School of Environmental Sciences and their students and collaborators, made significant contributions towards a better understanding of anthropogenic impacts on the water quality, nutrient status and biodiversity of selected rivers, dams and […]