Research projects

Research projects undertaken by SARChI staff and students are grouped around the four themes of the Chair.

  • Global change

    Drivers of current biodiversity and projected future changes are analysed through zoological and botanical transects along Soutpansberg altitudinal (North-South) and longitudinal gradients (East-West) with a focus on climate change.

  • Invasion biology

    In close collaboration with the C.I.B projects investigate and demonstrate to communities, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to reduce crop damage due to invasive rodents and investigate both clearance and spread of invasive plants.

  • Ecosystem services & livelihoods

    This focus develops models to determine the economic value of ecosystem services in provincial nature reserves as well as in agricultural landscapes, predicting that complex agro-ecosystems with intact natural ecosystems and predator communities will enhance pest management solutions.

  • Biodiversity conservation

    The Biodiversity focus establishes a data depository including a GIS database, hosts an annual biodiversity academy and coordinates projects on conservation ecology of threatened and iconic target ecosystems.

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