Bats of southern and south-central Africa: A Biogeographic and Taxonomic Synthesis.

By Ara Monadjem Peter Taylor Fenton (Woody) Cotterill Corrie Schoeman  | 2010

This title, published with support from the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), includes chapters on the evolution, biogeography, ecology and echolocation of bats, and provides accounts for the 116 bat species known to occur in southern and central Africa. The identification of families, genera and species is aided by character matrices. The species accounts provide descriptions, measurements, and diagnostic characters, as well as detailed information on the distribution, habitat, roosting habits, foraging ecology, and reproduction of each species. Photographs of the bats, including their skulls and dentition, and accurate time-expanded echolocation call spectrograms illustrate the accounts.

PublisherWits University Press.